In our sessions, we will discover the source of mental, emotional and physical pain in all its forms - worry, loneliness, anxiety, addiction, anything that frightens you.
Then, we will move away from negative emotions and false ideas to live in freedom and optimum well being.

In a protective and safe setting we give our clients the ability to express anger and grief that has been stored since childhood. With the help of new techniques, you will find a freedom and restoration of health that you never experienced before.

In particular; The Center is especially effective in addressing:

  • Anger & Grief
  • Addiction
  • Attention Deficit disorders
  • Leaning and Concentration
  • dyslexia
  • social Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Performance Enhancement


Jack Krystek is available for a wide arrange of lectures and seminars. Please contact us for more information

Here's how it works....
Our feelings in the present affect our future. Emotions from the past affect us in the present. So, in order to create the future we want we've got to resolve the emotions lingering from our past.

The One Brain Process
The one Brain Process will "de-fuse" the stressed caused by past emotions that distort the choices we make in the present. The process will identify a stressful issue, find its cause, and defuse the stress with simple techniques


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